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The different types of traditional and print marketing.

While companies have shifted more towards digital marketing, the importance of traditional marketing still remains. We produce and manage marketing materials, such as print media, which is still widely effective in kick-starting creative campaigns. We combine traditional and digital marketing strategies to connect with new prospects and make inroads with emerging markets.

Flyers are used to inform consumers by combining information and graphical elements to persuade your audience with a call-to-action. This is usually used for a one-time event such as sale or promotion. You can deliver a clear, simplified message and spice it up with eye-catching visuals. Flyers can guide your audience by providing specific information to help them take the next step.

Business Cards
Business cards are a vital part of any meeting. At the end or beginning of a face-to-face meeting, business cards should be exchanged. This is a transaction that will never go out of style. A business card will be the first impression someone has about your company. Business cards provide a glimpse into your company and is a starting point of contact that can potentially result in a long term business relationship.

Brochures are an integral component of any print marketing campaign. They are short and succinct, which is a great opportunity to give user’s the right information about your services. Brochures allow customers to access information easily by allowing you to communicate only the most important points. We will design brochures that are visually appealing as well as informative. The information will be structured so that it is easy to navigate. We help build clean and modern brochures that help you get the right information across to the end user.

The age of the internet has empowered today’s customers, by providing them with unlimited options, especially when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with. It is important to outline why they should choose your company – a proposal is the best way to win them over. A beautifully designed proposal – where all of the information, pricing and solutions are laid out – is the final step in winning their signature. It is the final and best chance to make a strong impression. A proposal should communicate that you are the best option.

Invoices are often overlooked but are very important. A well-designed invoice should be clear, easily navigable and transmits an aura of professionalism. It is important when clients are paying you, they feel like satisfied about the overall experience. A professional invoice is the icing on the cake and is the last memory they have of your business so you want to make them a lasting impression.

Logo Design
Logos are on the frontline of your company’s overall brand identity. They are visually the focal point by by which consumers gain insights about your brand. The use of the right colours, typefaces and styling can establish your branding message. Logos, in a nutshell, provide essential information about your company. It is imperative to have a distinct and memorable logo, which transmits and sends the right signals to prospects to invest in your brand.

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What is content marketing?

Content is the currency of the Internet. Content serves three functions for your audience: it informs them, it entertains them and provides them with an opportunity. These are all very important reasons why content is the single most important feature of your inbound marketing strategy. It advocates on your behalf and has the ability to persuade prospects and customers alike through a unified, simple message.

Before you are able to win over and create brand evangelists, we become your biggest advocates and share our enthusiasm about your brand through creative content marketing. Our content stylists craft a true, honest narrative about your brand. We create a desired, authentic brand identity that will differentiate you from others and give customers a native experience that is true to who you are.

Content marketing, at its core, is an effective outreach campaign. Content marketing is the means by which you introduce your brand to your intended audience and accelerates lead flow. An effective campaign is when you are able to tell your story. Your story should convey your mission and vision in a way that connects with your audience. We will diversify your lead generation through simple and authentic storytelling that leaves a memorable impression. Good stories stir up emotions and result in meaningful connections. With fine-tune and hone your story, and deliver it to the world.

We build trust between you and your audience to let them know you understand their challenges and have the right solutions. We help raise awareness about your brand and increase web presence. The Rank Squad builds new levels of brand advocacy through content marketing. We create and deliver a marketing road map that is interactive and has engaging content at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

We simplify your marketing message and streamline your content to give a clear, concise image of who you are and where you’re headed. We aim to close the gap between art and science, reason and emotions and help you build a direct bridge to your target audience. The Rank Squad provides your users a native experience. Through integrated content marketing services, our creative thinkers and makers will help cut through the digital noise and help you stand out.

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a marketing strategy where you create and distribute high-value and engaging content that will help convert prospects into paying customers.

The Content Marketing Process

We perform a qualitative analysis of your content that will uncover the gaps that exist in your story. We see what’s missing and complete your story.

In addition to publishing fresh content, we also repurpose your content. We distribute digital assets across diverse channels that will unify your branding message.

We deliver the right content at the right time. We ensure that you are meeting your customer at important checkpoints across their journey.

Content governance is a set of guidelines that determines the when, where, why and how of content publishing and creation. We make sure that these guidelines are achieved at every stage.

We create, manage and safeguard content

At The Rank Squad, we help create a sound content marketing strategy that will not only draw in your target audience but is designed for search engines. At the core, we are not only here to meet benchmarks – we want your brand to benefit the end user, by creating a long-term and meaningful relationship.

Our marketing team will help you throughout the entire content marketing spectrum – from branded content, strategic narratives and eye catching visuals. We build a smart road map that emphasizes interactive storytelling and gives life to your cornerstone content. With our team of marketers and graphic designers, our content marketing services will help you achieve the following goals:

◌ We leverage content marketing to promote your brand image and build your online presence.
◌ We use content marketing to increase your visibility in search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) and give your audience what they want at different stages of the buyer’s journey.
◌ We use content to transform visitors into brand evangelists, who are passionate about what you do and help spread the word about your company.

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The stages of content marketing.

Content Audit
We analyze your content with your goals and readers in mind. Our content strategists and information architects will qualitatively assess your content to ensure it communicates key messages and is easy to understand.
◍ Identify and close loopholes in your story and unify your message to deliver consistency and authenticity.
◍ Tone is specific to your core audience i.e. consumer-facing content should be straight-forward and technical content should convey expertise.
◍ Delivering to the right audience on the right platform and using the right brand voice at the right time.

Content Creation
Going beyond captivating copy-writing and periodic publishing, we re-purpose content around strategies that help inform, entertain and convert prospects. We help build online reputation, create brand loyalty and generate leads.
◍ A rich content mix that focuses on solving problems for customers with journey-based marketing in mind.
◍ Create online loyalty by creating a fresh stream of content that is purposeful and focused on problem solving.
◍ Differentiate your brand that will make you an industry leader through innovative content pieces and increasing social shares.

Content Strategy
There is a lot of digital noise and informational clutter on the Internet – we organize and simplify your content. We identify your business goals and have content marketing serve these specific objectives while enhancing the user experience.
◍ We heighten your reach and reputation by focusing on content that solves problems and drives leads through your entire content lifecycle.
◍ We plan an editorial calendar where content is published on a periodic basis to the right audience at the right time.
◍ We organize digital content with a taxonomy-based approach to filter and manage digital assets.


At the cornerstone of sound content marketing is a comprehensive content audit – we will locate and collect your content assets. Our team will perform a qualitative analysis of your digital content that will uncover the gaps that currently exist in your storyline. We fix what is broken and will not try to recreate the wheel. We help create and manage your content through the entire content life cycle by delivering creative content at the right time to the right audience in the right voice.
● We create a content inventory by collecting and recording all of your existing content in a database. We use this data, not only as a point of reference, but as a way to compile your assets and build on them.
● We start chiseling and refining your existing content to make it fresh and reassess the authenticity and truthfulness of it vis-à-vis the current state of your business.
● We ask important questions like is the pitch of your content being expressed in the right tone. We make sure that it is.
● We look at the navigational structure of your content to see if it is correctly organized. We find the missing pieces and bring your fragmented content together and make it whole.
● We cut out the content repetition and redundancies and keep the user engaged by providing new value-added information.
● We make sure that your content is search engine-ready by ensuring that the titling, coding and meta-tagging are optimal.

When it comes to powerful and purposeful content, there are a lot of different components. Content creation goes beyond just digital publishing in a periodic manner, such as blog postings. Content needs to be purposed around your strategies and objectives. We repurpose your content and distribute your content assets across digital and diverse channels that will unify your branding message. It is better to have your content assets travelling down the same road and in one voice. We take your information flow and ensure that it is synced with customer expectations.
● We combine search engine optimization, inbound marketing and behavioural analysis to deliver high-impact strategies.
● We are passionate about content – we offer and deliver content in an exciting and focused manner that keeps your readers engaged.
● We eliminate unnecessary content – we do not write content to try to meet quotas. We create content marketing to engage the reader and meet them at different points along their buyer’s journey.
● We create remarkable and dedicated copy-writing services that will draw your audience in. We constantly communicate with them and prompt a two-way conversation, while keeping your objectives in mind.
● We create diversified content streams like emails, promotional materials, articles, blogging, press releases, videos, newsletters and white papers.

We make sure that you are meeting your customer at important checkpoints across their journey. If you fail to deliver at important stages of the buyer’s journey, you can miss out on important opportunities to convert them into customers. Most content is just digital noise – we offer different types of content and strategize around them. We inform your audience to specific information about our product, about your competitive advantages and what distinguishes you from the competition. We help give each line of copy a purpose.
● We assess and analyze the current content assets being used. We then reassess the information flow on the publishing channels that you are currently leveraging to tell your brand’s story.
● We create and re-purpose your content assets to serve your audience throughout their journey.
● We transmit your stories across paid and unpaid media channels (i.e. Google Adwords, Social Media). Through an open and transparent dialogue, we build authority by encouraging and promoting engagement and help build an online community.

In order to extend your content and make an impact on diverse digital platforms, from social media channels to on-page sources, you need content governance. Content governance is a set of guidelines that determines the when, where, why and how of content publishing and creating. Content governance is a broad strategy that intends for you to share the value of your branding information through content engagement. The Rank Squad helps you allocate your resources to yield the highest value for your prospects and customers. Before a single pixel is shown or a word is published, it must fit within a content governance framework. A content governance program is a precondition for successful content marketing. We will help govern your content in three ways:
● We will help you reach out and get direct access to your audience through social media.
● We will diversify your content portfolio by increasing consumer engagement. We will have an open door policy that will allow different members of your organization to contribute their expertise and add their voice to the content stream – this will diversify your content make-up.
● We will introduce broad, across-the-spectrum questions like “why is this content relevant and important?” Behind every published post, we will make sure that it is purposeful and fits into your content ecosystem.

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The Content Marketing Process and Lifecycle

The content lifecycle consists of:
● Researching and Planning
● Developing and Creating
● Managing and Sustaining
● Preserving and Fine-Tuning
● Evaluating and Rethinking

Businesses often struggle to manage their information and are unable to connect to their prospective clients because they fail to deliver the right information to the intended user. Most businesses are overflowing with content but do not use the content effectively. They forget the golden rule – the business process and content lifecycle converge. These two processes must reinforce and reaffirm one another.

1. Research and Planning
During this initial stage, your business objectives need to align with your content strategy. All aspects of content marketing – from content governance to content auditing – needs to be centered around these objectives. Giving a simplified, understandable message to your audience allows you to connect with them. Your message should express and focus on your raison d’être on both the organizational and marketing levels. Our researching and planning efforts begin from this starting point.
In this researching and planning stage, we will thoroughly analyze your business goals and ensure they are synchronized with your current content inventory. At this point, we will set some quantitative and qualitative benchmarks, so we know where are and where we need to be, We will design your content architecture and use various content platforms to publish different content types: we will setup a blog which will be used to inform your audience; we will focus on creating content-heavy marketing campaigns to persuade; and publish whitepapers that will establish your brand as an authoritative leader in your industry. This is achieved under the umbrella of aligning your business goals with your content management strategy.

2. Developing and Creating
Content needs to be interesting and engaging. Capturing, acquiring and collecting all of your content is tedious work and needs to be automated and systemized in order for it to be meaningful. We will help categorize the vast amounts of content by implementing metadata, which allows you to manage all of the incoming and outgoing content.
We will integrate high-powered metadata that will ensure that you will have access to a full, 360-degree view of your content. This growing repository of content will allow you to organize the content into logical groupings. You will be able to search this content, categorize it and specify the platform where the content will be published.

3. Managing and Sustaining
At this stage, we will house and deposit all of your content into a repository – a centralized, managed system that allows us to collect all of your content assets under one umbrella. We will put them under the microscope, recommend changes and help create a flow-out system where organic content can naturally flow from your content creators. We will be able to review all of the content and ensure that it is clear, accurate and fits in strategically to what needs to be accomplished. Our system will allow for content publishing to be seamless and focused on aligning both business and marketing objectives.
We can deploy and distribute the content to the audience using diverse social and publishing channels. Content will be tailored to the user – on where they are in the buyer’s journey. It will be individualized for the needs of that specific buyer, we can also pinpoint their location and transform the content to reflect the values, expectations (i.e. what specific information they want at any stage of the buyer’s journey) and the language of the user. The management will be seamless, automated and the variables can easily be manipulated to produce desired results. By aligning you content with your business objectives, you can attract leads and super-charge your inbound marketing campaign.

4. Preserving and Finetuning
Through automation and seamless management, our system can help protect you from incremental content asset loss. We can safeguard your content to ensure that you get the full marketing mileage out of each of your content campaigns. We can create backup regiments to ensure that all of your content is archived. This will allow us to rubber-stamp and meta-tag each content with specific information, like creation dates and category. With this advanced system we can also designate archaic content or content that no longer serves your business objectives. We aim to maximize the lifespan of each campaign and ensure that it is optimized to generate leads and serve consumers at different points of the buyer’s journey. Content that is deemed no longer useful, can be modified and changed to make it relevant and important.

5. Evaluating
Once we get to this point, we can evaluate and audit the true value of your content strategy and ensure that everything is up to date. If it is found to be outdated, we can rethink strategy and implement a new inflow of content that better serves your business objectives. When it comes to inbound marketing, especially from a content-oriented perspective, it is important to always modernize your marketing message to reflect the current trends and mood of the consumer without losing the core of what you are trying to accomplish.

At this stage we go back to the planning and researching phase and see if we have met the quantified goals that we had set to see if it was successful and how we can improve. At this stage we can begin to look into newer tools that will help optimize your content campaign. It is important to know that readjusting strategy is a very natural part of your content management strategy. The most important goals should be to serve your marketing and business objectives while providing value to the end user. Strategies can be redefined until there is a clear cut one that can increase leads and qualified traffic.

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Building content around the Buyer’s Journey

At the center of a successful content and inbound marketing campaign, is connecting with customers at the right time and place. Each buyer has a journey and for them to know you are speaking and listening to them, at each point, is critical. The starting point in a buyer’s journey is to recognize that there is a problem or need, which needs to be addressed – this is called the awareness stage. The buyer is becoming interested and is gathering information at this point and is exploring options on how to solve the problem at hand. At this point, you need to make the necessary resources (i.e. educational materials) available to the buyer, in order to provide the necessary solution to their problem. Your content should be geared to and focused on the pain points of the prospect. If you attempt to oversell your product, this may turn them off and they will go elsewhere. The information that you provide should be neutral and unbiased.

The next step is called the consideration stage. The buyer at this point, is better informed about their problems and they are able to pinpoint the issues. The buyer will intensify their search and start comparing options, weighing the pros and cons of each vendor. As the prospect begins to self-identify, you can write more specific and technical content as they are more informed.

The decision stage is the final stage. This is where you convert consumers from prospects to buyers by specifying your solution and highlighting the superiority of your product and services. In this stage the buyers wants to choose the best solutions for their problems. The buyers will shortlist the vendors to 1 or 2 choices – buyers do this by looking at a criteria they have set for themselves, such as the expertise level of the vendor, the price point in which the vendor is selling their service/product, and the “wow factor” of the brand.

The goal for the marketer should be to build trust at each stage of the buyer’s journey with relevant content. As an inbound marketer and content creator, you must create tailor-made content at each stage of the buyer’s persona. Once you build trust and engaging content with prospects, there is a high probability that you have converted them into a paying customer.

In our creative map, The Rank Squad will define and document the details. We map your buyer’s journey across different touch points. The following chart demonstrates the unique content that accommodates the process at each stage:

AWARENESS Should I buy a new phone “Best Smartphones of 2016” Blog article
CONSIDERATION What is the best smartphone to buy “The complete guide to buying smartphones in 2016.” Blog article
DECISION Buy Samsung Galaxy s7 online “The Samsung Galaxy s7 Review” Blog article

Stage Keyword Search Content Ideas
AWARENESS Should I buy a new phone “Best Smartphones of 2016”
CONSIDERATION What is the best smartphone to buy “The complete guide to buying smartphones in 2016.”
DECISION Buy Samsung Galaxy s7 online “The Samsung Galaxy s7 Review”

We connect brands to target audiences through cutting-edge insights and authentic content.
Through the entire content marketing lifecycle, The Rank Squad are there to develop, deliver and strategize.
• We deliver relevant, informative and fresh content.
• We track your buyer’s journey and serve them content along the way.
• We see what is trending and what prospects are looking for and deliver accordingly.

• We develop content scheduling and timetables – consistency is key so you can meet and exceed consumer expectations.
• We deliver the right content (i.e. eBook, video, blog post, etc.) at the right time – where they are on their buyer’s journey.
• We use content to boost and showcase your branding culture.

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What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of enhancing the code, content and architecture of a website to increase its visibility and ranking position in a search engine’s results. SEO is focused on strengthening a website’s online visibility for specified keywords in unpaid search engine results. Search engines are very sophisticated – they organize, consolidate and collect incredible amounts of data and publish their findings based on the search queries of users.

The results for specific keywords are ordered and organized by a powerful and protected algorithmic system of search engines. Multiple ranking factors are considered and then prioritized and sequenced in hierarchies of importance. Google, for example, has close to 200 variables that they factor in with varying levels of significance. Search engines are very protective of the elements they use to rank, so SEO is often a speculative science. Despite its secretive nature, there are consensuses in the SEO community about which factors are more important than others. There has also been deep analytical studies done to verify or disprove speculations.

Ranking factors are always changing. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are constantly updating their algorithms to represent which ranking factors matter more than others. How often do these algorithms change? Google, for example, update their search algorithms a reported 600 times a year. This means that they make minor changes on a daily basis. Search engines also release significant, major roll-outs that can revolutionize the search engine landscape. Google’s Panda update, for example, caused a surge in social media and authoritative websites while penalizing those who have poor quality and duplicate content. Search engine companies usually let the SEO community know about these major updates through press releases and other unofficial channels.

We are a Toronto-based search engine marketing company that keeps up-to-date with the latest technical shifts of search engine optimization. Our inbound marketers, digital strategists and SEO specialists can help you dominate industry specific keywords and achieve page 1 rankings. Our Toronto SEO services are comprehensive and holistic, as we improve every important SEO element and metric, such as:

Link Building
Not all links are created equal. We build a steady stream of high-quality, high-PR inbound links to your website to improve its trust factor.

Content is king. Captivating content is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign – great content drives qualified leads and results in conversions.

SEO is a science. We demystify the datasets and track certain signals to monitor the efficacy and success of a particular SEO campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a direct way for a site to get traffic by paying a publisher, such as Google, to advertise for specific search keywords.

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What are white hat SEO techniques?

Search engines have revolutionized the way businesses think. Ranking high in search engines for competitive keywords can change the fortune of a business. A high ranking brings a steady stream of qualified leads and raw traffic. If your business ranks first in a search query, it’s a game changer – your business has secured over one-third of user clicks. This is because as consumers and information seekers, we put a lot of trust in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to help us find what we are looking for. Search engines have an authoritative role in our lives and we are constantly turning to them to get the right information. This paradigm shift in our behaviour represents the growing dependency we have on search engines. It has replaced word-of-mouth as the most persuasive form of marketing. We only use white hat SEO techniques, Google-approved strategies.

Rank improvement in strategic keywords in search engines will result in qualified leads. Ranking high on page 1 of a search engine, results in a strong online presence, as most users do not venture and click beyond the first page. Many businesses rightfully turn to SEO companies to help them get over this hurdle. However, there are too many SEO agencies who do not take your specific business profile into consideration and sell you pre-planned packages. They do not look to enrich your SEO campaign without strategic or creative planning. While others provide short-term boosts that give you minor improvements without any sustainable growth. In order to give you a fast turnaround, they often turn to black-hat tactics that result in penalties from search engines, like Google. This can have serious consequences which can oftentimes leads to being fully blacklisted by the search engines. The Rank Squad provides you with the right recipe for growth rates over the right time period that will generate qualified leads and organic traffic. We will set you apart from your competitors by using white-hat strategies that result in organic and natural growth which will eventually lead to rank domination.

The content and code are the most accessible aspect of your website. As they are solely controlled by you, it is critical that your on-page factors are optimal. There are several on-page factors that need to be perfectly executed – from ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly (developmental-side) to making sure that relevant keywords are used (content-side).
◍ Content is not self promotional and adds value for the end-user.
◍ The UX from page layout, navigational ease and page-loading times need to be optimal.
◍ Primary, secondary and relevant keywords in the body of the content should be well-distributed.
◍ The high quality nature of content makes it shareworthy. One-click social media shares need to be embedded.
◍ The webpages should be easily readable by Google, Bing and Yahoo crawlers and XML sitemaps will ensure crawlability. XML sitemaps will also ensure that all of the pages and posts are readily found by search engine crawlers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo recognize that publisher-controlled signals, which represent the on-page component, fails to give the whole picture. What others say about your brand, outside the confines of your website, is very important to the search engines. Off-page SEO is about building your online reputation and credibility by having trustworthy websites validate your business by referencing and referring you to their users.
◍ We will provide an innovative and creative off-page SEO strategy that is holistic and aims to increase brand awareness through diversified off-page channels.
◍ Not all links are created equal. We build backlink equity from trustworthy sources by tapping into our networks to bring a stream of natural and fresh backlinks from credible sources.
◍ We will unify social media and content marketing under one umbrella and have them reinforce each other to spread the word about your business and secure your status as an industry leader.

Content is the bridge that connects on-page and off-page SEO and is the fuel that drives both profiles. Content is the best currency to build inbound links, website credibility and social media influence, all of which are critical off-page elements. Since content is controllable, it plays the biggest role in optimizing on-page factors and must be perfectly executed and structured.
◍ Link-worthy content will receive a stream of backlinks from industry insiders.
◍ More links will be pointed at your website from credible sources resulting in skyrocketing domain authority (DA).
◍ We will help produce shareworthy and rich content, which will result in more social media shares.
◍ We will gear our content strategy around sending signals to Google on which keywords to rank for.
◍ Content will be used to internally to link one page to another and build your internal link profile.
◍ We will ensure that your website has quality and useful content, which will keep users on your site and lower your bounce rate.

Rank improvement in strategic keywords in search engines will result in qualified leads.



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The pillars of strategic SEO.

Site Architecture
In the world of search engines, it is all about being found by users and listed by crawlers. It is mission-critical to have a site architecture that speaks the language of search engine spiders, so they are easily able to identify your website. We speak directly to these crawling robots and communicate your content. We ensure that the 301/302/307 redirects, canonical tags, permalinks, URL, PageSpeed, sitemaps, indexing, schema markup and 404s are all properly configured. Navigation is seamless and crawler-friendly through internal linking and siloing. To sum it up, The Rank Squad optimizes your website’s searchability for users and readability for robots.

Keyword Strategy
The underlying science of search engines revolves around keywords. It is also the starting point of our research efforts, where we identify and rank for coveted, industry-rich keywords. We data scrape your website’s on-page elements and metadata. After compiling a list of keywords, we categorize them. The frequency and relevance of keywords are quantified, qualified and geo-targeted. Using our analytic-powered research to guide the process, we build a keyword strategy around them. The goal is to increase inbound traffic, users average time spent on the site and conversion rates.

On-Page Optimization
On-page optimization is an umbrella term that describes all the measures that can be directly taken within the website’s own framework. The goal is to improve crawlability, indexation and navigational structure. A site auditing analysis will enable us to go page-by-page to examine content, structural and navigational issues that negatively impact the site’s ranking. These weak points will be remedied and optimized. This auditing and consulting analysis will allow us to offer recommendations, create long-term content strategies and improve relevancy signals. Some of the on-page optimization factors we check are:

  • That the content is valuable and engaging to reduce bounce rates.
    ● The UX (user experience) is maximized with fast page loading times, mobile-responsiveness, and has an modernized layout.
    ● There will be a comprehensive keyword strategy in place.
    ● The content will be shareable as social media channels will be built-in and available on-page.
    ● Each webpage will have to meet The Rank Squad’s 15-point crawlability checklist.
    ● The metadata, scheme and rich snippets will be optimized.

SEO is a science – it is defined by numbers and can be quantified with a wide range of metrics. The metrics can tell different stories so we track the ones that are the most important to your business. We demystify the datasets and track certain signals to monitor the efficacy of a particular SEO campaign. We look at metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, social media reach, landing page conversion rates, email signups etc. to measure your success. A goal can be as simple as seeing a steady monthly spike of a 15% increase in email signups for your newsletters. With your goals as guiding points, The Rank Squad will build analytic-rich SEO campaigns.

Link Building
Links are referrals and votes of confidence on the Web. When people link from their website to your website, they are vouching for your business. In the SEO world, this makes a huge impact on your trust flow. Building a steady stream of high-quality, high PageRank inbound links is crucial for any ranking profile. We know that not all backlinks are the same, so we build a network of diversified, reputable and niche-relevant links that will enhance your online authority. Engaging only in white-hat techniques that are organically grown, our policies align with that of Google, Bing and Yahoo. We oppose any black-hat schemes, which are being heavily penalized by search engines and can result in being blacklisted from search engines, entirely. Not all links are created equal, which is why we only strive for trustworthy backlinks that will build your website’s authority. We aim to establish you as a thought leader by improving your content, expanding your reach and initiating conversations.

Off-Page Optimization
Unlike on-page optimization, off-page optimization cannot be directly changed. They are factors that influence a site’s search rankings but take place outside the actual website. While it is outside the confines of a website’s code, the off-page measures can be positively impacted through sound strategies. While backlinks, which are incoming links from external sources, are crucial to build site authority – it is not the only important factor. Social media signals are becoming increasingly important because they signify user engagement and social shares. Using creative and technical tactics, our comprehensive offpage strategies will bolster the trust, quality and credibility of your website. We tell Google, Bing and Yahoo that you are an influencer in your industry and your website deserve to have a high ranking.

Content Marketing
Content is the currency of the Web. We have often heard the expression that content is king – this is true because people and search engines believe in this mantra. Content holds such an extremely high position because it is multi-purposed: it informs, entertains and/or provides opportunities. Content provides us with the right information at the right time. Captivating content is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign because great content can go viral. It can result in a strong backlink profile with organic links, anchor texts and referral traffic. In order to attract external links, your content needs to be worth linking back to. The Rank Squad will guide you on how to write great trending content or can provide in-house copywriters to write organic content for you. Great content results in qualified search traffic – we combine proven SEO techniques with great content marketing to boost your conversion rates.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a direct way for a site to generate traffic by paying marketing companies, such as Google, to advertise for search terms. PPC offers a competitive edge as it offers a lot of control. A business can directly and quickly select which keywords they want displayed in a clickable ad campaign – which appear at the top of each search query page. A good PPC campaign can attract in-market customers that can yield high return of investment (ROI). PPC can be highly effective because it attracts customers at the right stage of the buyer’s journey through targeted keywords. The Rank Squad will analyze search queries and create instantaneous traffic by building strategic PPC campaigns through Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising. A synergized PPC and organic SEO campaign will yield the highest ROI for your business.

The Stages of SEO Process

– Discovery: We discover brand opportunities by combining business goals with search engine marketing. We gain insights by combing through your website with various audits.
– Strategize: Our inbound marketers will mine through current analytics, listen to social channels and analyze quantitative data to form our strategies.
– Optimize: With a cross-channel approach we extends beyond on-page and content ideation, by venturing off-page to strengthen back-links and network profile.
– Reporting: We create tailored reports which will showcase user segments and performance progress of the marketing campaign. We will focus on the conversion rate.

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