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The importance of your website for your branding.

Regardless of the size and scope of your company, a website is on the frontline of your brand and marketing strategy. It is the single most important digital touch point of your organization. You have a short window to connect with your audience and deliver your message – we help optimize this important process.

We help reshape your story line and help forge deep and meaningful connections between your brand and customers through an memorable digital experience. Our agency helps create cutting edge interactive solutions, innovative user interfaces and immersive campaigns by upholding technical and creative excellence during the entire product life cycle.

We help create forward-thinking, unique digital experiences and brand identities that please the eye and transform your vision into an exciting digital experience. As a multidisciplinary and digital design studio, we liberate information from drawing boards and board meetings to reveal your vision and showcase your big ideas to your audience.

We add value by delivering every line of code and every pixel on the screen with care and integrity. We craft clear user experiences that invite readers to explore, learn and take action. We are purpose-driven and will help you scale through collaboration, understanding, storytelling and innovation. We highlight the singular, unified message of your organization in clear, concise terms to an audience that wants to learn and interact.

We tailor our efforts to your audience’s needs and your brand’s aspirations by delivering the right content in the right place to the right demographics. We channel our clients’ voices and values by creating compelling narratives and make complex information accessible.

By combining design, branding and an understanding of business, we provide multidimensional, flexible web services that will strive to replace the usual client/customer relationship with a genuine partnership. We help to evolve your idea’s value and scale through collaboration, understanding, storytelling and innovation. With attention to detail, we will exceed your benchmarks and targets and put forward an actionable game plan that will showcase pixel-perfect layouts, stylish typefaces and immersive designs.

We create exciting digital experiences and unique visual identities that will please the eyes and connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of the consumers. We design high-end digital experiences: websites, mobile apps, installations and more. We meet the most challenging projects by pooling our resources together. We specialize in creating integrated, holistic digital experiences in multi-platform environments:

  • Robust backend and eye catching interface development
  • Mobile responsive and cross platform compatibility
  • Complete user flows and wire frames that are interactive and clickable

The Rank Squad will leave no stone unturned when developing and design your digital project, Design is about utilizing a website’s real estate without compromising the message and the informational flow should be fluid. Our website projects are always interactive, collaborative and culturally relevant.

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The website development and design process.

We expand your brand’s reach by creating a digital transformation in an optimal, intelligent and ROI-centric manner. We facilitate paradigm shifts through a systemized approach that is grounded in collaboration, technical proficiency, creative flair and optimization. All projects are unique but requires a sound strategy that allocates responsibilities and resources, from start to launch to post-launch support.

  1. Discover

All projects are different but have one underlying common factor – they require a deep understanding about who you are and what you want to achieve. Before the first line of code is written, we get to know your branding culture, what goals you want to achieve and what milestones you want to reach. These specifications form the basis of our requirement analysis and must be quantifiable, detailed and relevant in meeting user expectations. We create your unique profile, which we use as a point of reference throughout the web development and design life cycle. We help gather information and create a road map that will drive us forward.

  • Define the project and target goals
  • Preliminary research and brainstorming – personas of users, conceptualizing, information architecture, wireframe and mockups
  • Create content inventory – digital resources and assets
  • Set project milestones and deadlines
  • Collect digital assets – images, content and fonts
  1. Design

We aim to create digital masterpieces. We use the profile that we have created for you and fine tune it by making it modern, informative and memorable. We create wire frames, diagrams, design concepts and mock ups – which will help you visualize the design elements and select the best fit for your brand. Once you have selected your desired design, we will then start bringing your vision to life through code – from server-side scripting to interface styling. We will work with you throughout all stages of the life cycle and make revisions based on your feedback.

  • Selecting color scheme, typography and design elements
  • Designing logo and artwork – sliders, headers, hero images, animations
  • User accepted testing (UAT), we test the final product in user environments
  1. Development

Development is where the creative vision is converted into reality. This phase is also the most time consuming, where code is written simply and cleanly. In our production environment, The Rank Squad will test and verify the code across multiple platforms, ensuring compatibly with all of the major browsers and devices. We ensure the feature-rich nature and interactivity of your website is verified successfully through UAT. We ensure that the content is clear and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Our UAT environments consists of in-house and real users that will evaluate all aspects of your website, from function to design, before it goes live.

  • Choose a development framework/CMS
  • Build the database structure that will support content inflow
  • Plug and verify the client’s content in the CMS
  • Ensure performance benchmarks are being met
  • Harden security features
  • Markup and schema
  1. Deliver

The website is launched. Before it goes live, we will run the website through a final set of tests – which consists of tools such as code validators, speed tests, broken-link checks etc. This will ensure that all feedback from all users are evaluated and implemented. We provide post-launch support and can incorporate requested changes after the website has been launched.

  • Comprehensive UAT
  • Migrating the website from development server to live server
  • Final content proofreading
  • Training the client on how to use the back-end and provide documentation/instructions
  1. Website Maintenance and Support

The most integral part of a post-launch strategy is to ensure that once the website has been launched that the collaboration and relationship does not end. The Rank Squad ensures that the integrity of your website is always upheld. We continue to be fully invested in your website post-launch.

We believe that you are good at what you do and should focus on running your business. The reality is that most people do not have the time or technical resources to deal with the day-to-day maintenance of a website. That is where The Rank Squad comes in – we manage and maintain your website to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Websites constantly require support and maintenance: from scripting issues, patching, updating databases, checking system health and vulnerabilities, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance, firewall monitoring and virus protection.

  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting
  • Providing and implementing content updates
  • Performing website optimization through A/B testing
  • Proactive measures to monitor health of website
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and repair of back-end
  • Implement upgrades and performance improvements
  • Support applications during beta testing
  • Ticketing system to handle and track incoming and real-time issues
  • Bug fixing and problem reporting


Through an automated and smart system, we can repair the site immediately if new patches, updates or code remediation needs to be deployed. The Rank Squad can can gather information and implement systems that learn “on the go” to optimize performance and minimize issues. We setup secure and hardened portals and have support channels in case of remediation.

We give life to and transform pixel-rich design to interactive, responsive websites using a diverse, empowering Content Management Systems (CMS) that keeps you ahead of the curve.

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The different website platforms out there.

Development on Diverse Platforms
We respond to different audiences and industries by leveraging powerful platforms to strengthen the style and function of websites, from the inside out. With across the board skills, we create agile frameworks and eye catching design that will exceed with your expectations. With state of the art infrastructure and user-centered design, we shorten time to market and help your website standout amongst the online noise and clutter.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and is the preferred choice of framework, representing over a quarter of all websites on the Internet. From project scoping to management, our team fuses creative spontaneity and inherent technical control to bring about an inspiring visual interface that enhances business value. We keep users entertained and engaged.

Shopify is the latest craze and with good reason – if you want to monetize online. We can develop and design a customized and creative online storefront for the emerging digital economy. Through collaborative efforts, we can deliver end-to-end e-Commerce solutions.


Discover ⇒ Design ⇒ Develop ⇒ Deliver

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How to improve page speed of your website.

Increase Page Speed
The page loading time of your website is critical for search engine rankings and greatly affects the experience of users. Slow loading websites are the number one reason users press the back button. There are several contributing factors that determine your website’s speed and we will optimize all of these elements to ensure fast load times.

Compress and Minify Files
We have a minimalist approach to coding. We make sure that the resource heavy size of your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files are minified. We aggregated and concatenate files to make them lightweight and optimal.

Image Optimization
We only believe in using high quality images but they can slowdown your website. We balance these two competing factors by making images lossless, which is the process of preserving the high quality nature of images while ensuring they do not require the same resources.

Server Time Response
Server response time is how long it takes for a web server to respond to a browser’s request, which greatly affects the page speed of your website. The server response times are affected by a multitude of factors, including your website’s host, resource usage, server software and the inflow of traffic to your website. We minimize server response times by upwards of 350%.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)
A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers that are distributed across the globe, which deliver web-based resources to users at their closest geographic points. We have access to CDNs that are strategically placed around the world that will ensure that users are receiving their data from close proximity networks.

Pixel-perfect layouts, stylish typefaces and immersive designs that captivates your audience.

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