Online Reputation Management

Why your online reputation matters.

Studies have shown that online reviews influence 9 out of 10 customers when they are making a decision to buy a product or service. Our online reputation management services helps you take ownership of your digital profile and helps influence the narrative before it goes viral. We solve reputation problems before they materialize – we proactively counter negative press and safeguard a positive online image.

In a pre-Internet era, news would unfold at a slow pace. Organizations could often take their time to respond to developments before the news began to marinate into the public psyche. Organizations could go to the drawing board and strategize before determining what is the best course of action to take to counter negative press – they had ample time before deciding on a structured response. The speed at which information can travel in the digital age means that this is no longer possible.

In today’s world, businesses no longer have the luxury to sit back and watch as harmful narratives takes shape. They have to be on the front lines, be proactive and respond quickly. Information now flows freely and can be accessed by customers in real-time. The rapid developments of different media channels, has allowed customers to air their grievances instantly – that is accessible by people worldwide. Reality is, if you blink, you may miss what was just said about your organization.

Communities are constantly being formed online. People converse online and they leverage social networks to exchange information with one another. People feel connected to virtual communities, where like-minded individuals build meaningful relationships that span across geographic and cultural divides. While they may remain largely anonymous to one another, people are reaching out to one another and giving advice and suggestions on community forums, blogs and social media.

Studies have shown that people online tend to trust each other’s experiences – in online communities this resonates strongly because they are seen as sincere, helpful and informative. Online communities are exponentially growing as they are becoming more interconnected than ever before. This phenomenon is known as consumer-generated media (CGM). CGMs are important to users because they associate a great deal of trust and authenticity to these virtual circles.

With the explosion of mobile technologies, it is easier than ever before for people to leave their digital footprint on platforms such as Google Local, Yelp and other review apps. This trend is expanding immensely and according to a number of consumer based studies – more than half of Internet users surveyed have left at least one review. The reputation of your organization is at stake – before things spiral out of control, you need a proactive Online Reputation Management Agency that will help shape your online image.

What is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of shaping or influencing public perception of a person or business on the Internet. It is about reinforcing your brand’s good standing and credibility and countering negative content that is circulating online.

We proactively counter negative press and safeguard a positive online image

During this stage, we conduct a thorough investigation by searching the Internet about what is being said about your business – both the positive and negative.

When there is negative content on the Internet about your business, we communicate directly with customers on your behalf. We uncover the underlying service issues and improve operations.

The Internet presents a huge reputation risk as it allows consumers and competitors to openly express their views about your business. We proactively monitor and detect any negative content about your brand.

We convert customers into brand advocates by improving service experience and promoting communication across social channels.

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How does online reputation management work?

In a networked and transparent age, what others think about you is becoming more important and visible than ever before. One highly ranked negative review or comment can undermine your bottom line. As the old adage goes, a lifetime’s work can unravel in a single second. – this is especially true on the Internet as the power has shifted from brands to customers. We help protect your online image, repair damaging information and drive revenue.

The Web has changed all of our lives and has brought us closer together. The open digital ecosystem has allowed us to freely exchange and share information with one another. This democratizing effect has made the world smaller and given us a voice. However, there are downsides to this phenomenon. We can be smeared by the same liberating forces of the Web. The Rank Squad repairs your online image if you have been on the receiving end of libelous claims – whether they are of a personal or professional nature. If there is information out there that you do not want others to see, we will help take it down or demote its position on Google. A brand’s online reputation is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and we will help grow, manage and protect it.

Online reputation management fuses various marketing elements, such as public relations and search engine optimization (SEO). As a business owner, you want positive reviews and articles to be front and center. In contrast, if negative reviews and articles were featured, it will negatively impact your business. In today’s world, search engines like Google give high authority to review based websites, such as Google Local, Yelp etc. Regardless of the nature of your business, these reviews are typically visible on the first page of Google. The goal of online reputation management is to highlight the positives and suppress the negatives. The outcome on an online reputation management campaign is to have your brand associated with positive customer experiences.

While online reputation management is multidimensional and multifaceted, it is made up of three stages. The three stages of online reputation management are: (1) monitoring the content; (2) listening and analyzing to what is being said about your brand; and (3) influencing online perception by leveraging different social channels that helps serve the interest of your company and the public.

Our advocacy based online reputation management program includes:
● We strategically increase the visibility of positive search engine results, and in turn, reduce the rankings of negative press. We push down negative press in search queries.
● We publish positive and honest public relations (PR) materials that truthfully reflect your brand to your audience.
● We utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to downgrade negative search engine results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
● We safeguard the integrity of your brand through time tested strategies that will protect you from future attempts of defamation.
● We will help you leverage the power of the Web to help grow your business in a digital world that embraces accountability and transparency.
● We repair your online reputation by burying negative and misleading reviews, articles and comments on search engines.

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The three components of online reputation management.

Public Relations

If there is a false narrative that is emerging about your brand online, it can result in missed opportunities. We proactively counter the damaging information that has tarnished your online image by repairing or discrediting them. Our online reputation management campaign focuses on ethical marketing, genuine customer experiences and a strong online search profile.
◍ Investigate negative reviews and resolve outstanding service issues.
◍ Research the credibility of negative reviews and request the removal of ones that defamatory.
◍ Encourage customers to provide feedback on their experiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an integral component of any successful online reputation management campaign. Reviews about your brand, both negative and positive, will often appear on the first page of search engines, such as Google. Search engine marketers will push up the positive reviews about your brand and push down the negative ones.
◍ We will manipulate which content shows up on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
◍ We will strengthen positive content with SEO juice.
◍ We will work on both on-page and off-page SEO to defend your brand reputation.

Content Marketing

Companies are so busy performing their day-to-day operations that they often miss out on what has been said about them online. While you focus on core competencies, The Rank Squad will take proactive steps in managing your online reputation. We incorporate various facets of content marketing to ensure that your online content is aligned with your organizational objectives.
◍ We are notified of any mentions of your brand on the Web and will investigate the nature of it.
◍ We will promptly follow up on any negative press and resolve it in a timely manner.
◍ We will also promptly respond to and boost positive press to ensure they overwhelm the negative.

Millions of new content is created on a daily basis, such as blog posts, videos and social media updates – search engines are constantly indexing new items on an hourly basis. For this reason, reputation monitoring is crucial for a business in safeguarding their online image. The Rank Squad will keep track of any time your brand is mentioned, whether it is in a blog post, an article or on social media – we keep a 360 degree holistic view.

We will remain engaged with your audience by analyzing the reliability and emotions of what is being said about your brand. Monitoring serves the important function of distinguishing between defamatory claims and identifying genuine customer concerns. We manage, monitor and report custom sentiment across various social platforms. With due diligence, we can offset any potential damage before it spreads like wildfire. Communication
Communication is the crucial step that allows you to hear what’s going on and allows you to join the conversation. Customers are now in charge as they determine which communication channels they will use. Companies that want to successfully adapt to changing conditions must engage with their customers using these social channels or risk to lose business.

While communicating with your customers, we will share what we have learned about their experiences, expectations and concerns. This information will be used to make improvements to products and services. We will bridge the communication gap that exists between you and your clients – we will always give you the truth about their perspective.

It is imperative that companies use social media to manage negative press in a timely fashion. Social media allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with customers and control the discourse. This enables us to differentiate between legitimate grievances and defamatory campaigns.

It is not beneficial to remain on the sidelines or remain silent while a negative conversation takes shape. It is important to be proactive and take control of the situation – let your customers know you care and want to address their concerns. The Rank Squad will leverage social networks to help make inroads with your audience, solve the problem and leave customers with an overall positive experience. As brand advocates, we will actively engage in blog posts, social media platforms, consumer review websites, competitors websites, community forums and press releases.

Why we are difference-makers

We locate the sources of negative content about your company that are circulating online and create an aggressive crisis management plan – react quickly, choose the right channel to communicate, respond constructively and commit to solving the problem. We will always ensure our responses are genuine and transparent. Once the issue has been resolved, we will ask for the negative content to be removed. We will try to influence and counter any further negative narratives from taking place. Any negative content that remains will be pushed down in search results as we will send strong signals to Google, Bing and Yahoo that the content is outdated and resolved. If there is any defamatory or malicious content we will request that the content be removed by search engines or review platforms. Once the negative content has been successfully removed, we do not remain passive – we inject a fresh stream of positive content about your company. We will continue to publish positive content until they dominate the first pages of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We Are Professional.
As a business owner, when you see negative content about company, your first reaction is to respond defensively. This response is usually very emotional and it is often perceived as negative. This is counterproductive as you need an effective game plan to address the concerns in a professional manner.
As experienced online reputation managers, we quickly roll out an effective strategy to respond to your critics. We always take the high road and remain professional under all circumstances. We open communication lines with your critics – we remain open-minded, listen to the concerns and come to a mutual resolution. Through this strategy, we reverse the negative into positive.

We Are Proactive.
With the introduction of social media, companies are now on the front-lines of customer relations. They can leverage social media to their advantage or risk losing ground to their competitors. Social media allows real time information to flow freely and openly. Negative information can spread and become viral as people can retweet and share information easily with one another.
We are actively on the frontlines – we will monitor social networks and keep you engaged by providing the right response at the right time. We take into account the customer’s perspective and craft a response around their viewpoint. The Rank Squad will always ensure that we uphold your business values during this process.

We Are Leaders.
There will always be conversations surrounding your company. As a business owner, you should always be interested in what is being said about your brand. The Rank Squad will keep you informed by keeping track of these conversations – we ensure that we are responsive when the conversations takes on a negative tone and reinforce positive behaviour.

If you remain silent or respond emotionally, you can escalate the negative situation and potentially damage the reputation of your brand. The Rank Squad does not shy away from what is being said. We encourage open dialogue and keep the buzz about your brand going.

Monitor ⇒ Repair ⇒  Build ⇒ Protect

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We grow, manage and protect the online reputations of brands.

While information travels fast on the Internet, bad news always seems to travel faster. When companies receive a bad review or comment, they are often puzzled on how to respond. A negative comment that is highly visible on search engines can negatively impact a company’s revenue. Online reputation management can help protect the integrity and bottom line of your brand.

A negative reviews stands out – a visible, negative and persuasive comment can cause serious setbacks. When a negative comment is posted, businesses start questioning the reasons behind such posts. They often attribute the negative comments to an emotional or misunderstood customer, a disgruntled employee or rogue competitor. Regardless of the source, the impact of bad news cannot be ignored on open and accessible social networks. The reasons why people turn to online platforms is to air out their grievances, want their problems remedied and to warn others of the drawbacks of doing business with your company. Social networks have empowered the customer and resulted in a power shift from brands to customers. For this reason, social networks remain the strongest way to express discontent – customers can use them to bring bad news about your company.

On the other hand, there are customers who also advocate on behalf of your company. Brand evangelist share their great experiences about your products and services in online communities and actively promote your brand. They detail their experiences through numerous online posts and try to bring together like-minded customers to share their findings. We find brand-based all over the internet. For example, there are numerous communities based around Apple products such as the iPhone. These communities are used to exchange information by providing feedback between members. Brand evangelists are characterized by their loyalty and enthusiasm and add great value to marketing and branding efforts. They are there to spread the good news about your company.

As online reputation managers, The Rank Squad will increase the visibility by pushing-up the “good news” and pushing-down the “bad news” on search engines. Our online reputation managers, in essence, become evangelists for your brand by highlighting the good and devaluing the bad.

  • We leverage various tactical strategies that will help influence the narrative about your brand.
    ● We will submit legal take downs if you or your company have been libeled.
    ● We will gain the upper-hand in search engine rankings through smart and efficient SEO strategies.

Reputation Building
If there is a false narrative that is emerging about your brand online, it can result in missed opportunities. We proactively counter the damaging information that has tarnished your brand name by neutralizing and remedying it. We go the extra mile by highlighting and promoting the positive information.

  • We will help resolve outstanding negative comments by reaching out and learning.
    ● We will reverse and improve bad ratings and reviews.
    ● We will demand that slanderous comments are removed.

Online reputation management is ineffective without search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO is crucial tool for repairing reputation. The Rank Squad’s search engine marketers will supercharge the positive content about your brand in search engines in an attempt to bury the negative content. When users are searching keywords related to your brand they will be exposed to positive information about your business.

  • We will replace the negative content with positive stories on the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    ● We will boost featured content items, such as press releases, and ensure they are strongly associated with your brand on search engines.
    ● We will build a strong link network within your niche to help solidify your status in the marketplace.

As a stakeholder, you must proactively be engaged on social networks to see what others are saying about your business. People can easily share information on various platforms, such as blogs, forums and podcasts. Whether you are aware of it or not, conversations are constantly taking place and it is important to be cognizant of these dialogues. The endless nature of the Internet combined with how fast information travels in a virtual world presents great difficulties in monitoring all the conversations. To really gain an understanding of everything that is being said, you need an online reputation management firm that will put the right people and systems in place to ensure that every time your brand is mentioned, you will know about it. We are immediately alerted every time your brand is mentioned and have the capabilities to scrape and gather this information across multiple platforms. We analyze the incoming data and craft strategies on the fly that will ensure that your vested interests are represented in these conversations. We go beyond just tracking what is being said about your brand, we also keep track of what is being said your competitors and industry as a whole – we see what is trending.

Companies are so busy performing their day-to-day operations that they often don’t have time to keep track of what is being said about them. This is why most companies outsource their online reputation management needs to a reputable firm like The Rank Squad. Our online reputation specialists will advocate on your behalf and manage your digital profile. Our online reputation specialists are always one step ahead of the game – we intelligently and aggressively advocate before things escalate and spiral out of control.

The algorithms of search engines are constantly being updated by Google, Bing and Yahoo – they are dynamic and always changing. The Rank Squad understands these changes and the factors that go into search engine rankings process. We leverage search engine optimization to ensure that positive content ends up on the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. We protect the integrity of your digital image by using a variety of tools and resources to effectively counteract any negative future content.

People rely on search engines to provide the right information – it is often the first place people go to find what they are looking for. When people type in your brand or personal name, what search engine results will show up? The results that show up on the first page are crucial to your brand’s online image. This is because people have great confidence in search engines ability to give them the right information and they believe that if negative content is displayed on the first page that you are not trustworthy.

The Rank Squad believes that the best face of your company should be visible on the first pages of search engines and negative information should never supersede the positive. For this reason, we will bury negative content and ensure that it does not define who you are as a company.

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Why do you need online reputation management.

The Web is an environment where information is freely exchanged. This allows people to extend a helping hand and exchange their experiences with one another in an open environment. While most consumers provide their honest assessments about their experiences, there is a vocal minority who go far and beyond and aim to hurt the image of your brand. They leave behind digital footprint that aims to undermine the integrity of your business. For many, this is an act of deliberate sabotage and owners feel that their business is under attack by some rogue and malicious forces. Business owners want the negative data suppressed because it cuts into their respective bottom line and undermines all the things they are doing right.

With reputation being more important ever, these types of attacks have a long lasting effect on businesses or individuals. The negative comments do not disappear on their own and need to be addressed before they spiral out of control. You must determine who is behind these negative campaigns – many business owners suspect competitors, former employees who left on bad terms or someone who is unhappy with your customer service, In most cases, regardless of the motive or source, these malicious comments are very high ranked on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is because review websites or online communities rank very highly with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – they value what people have to say.

Google, Bing and Yahoo’s algorithms gives preference to review based websites and online communities because they are based on people’s experiences. The high ranking nature of these review websites places them at the top of search results when people search your brand. These are the first impression that prospective consumers get about your company. If they read a negative review, it will be hard to win them over after this. While it is easy to compare the front page of a newspaper with the first page of Google, they are not similar – it is far more damaging to be on the first page of Google. This is because search engines do not change their information on a daily basis and their audience is so much broader and runs beyond the limited geographic lines of newspapers.

Businesses that thrive in the new economy understand that their reputation is accessible by anyone, anywhere and anytime. In a business-to-business environment, companies that want to establish long lasting relationships do the majority of their homework and research online. They try to answer important questions like – is this company the best fit for us? Will they be a dependable partner in the short and long run? The information they find online can be the difference between closing a deal or losing one. This is because a good reputation displays trust and confidence, while a bad reputation leads to distrust.

In the age of social networks, malicious rumors and the dissemination of disinformation can spread like wildfire. The scalability and shareability of social media allows for information to quickly find its way to the public. Businesses are often blindsided by the quick spread of negative news. The inability to react quickly can result in permanent damage. The Rank Squad will develop and execute a game plan that is both preventative and prescriptive in nature. We prevent the bad news from outpacing your capacity to deal with it and execute smart action plans. We bring time tested solutions that will ensure that you are one step ahead as we carefully craft a desirable online image of your brand. We can help manipulate search engine results to showcase the strong points of your brand and bury the negative points.

We build, develop and manage your brand’s online profile.


We Help Tell Your Side of the Story
We counter and neutralize negative campaigns by showcasing and highlighting positive content about your business.

In an information-savvy age, consumers have been empowered. They have a wide array of tools and resources at their disposal that allows them to make educated and smart decisions. Consumers are predisposed to venture online and search various social platforms, to read consumer-generated media (CGMs) about different products and/or services. Social networks also help create an environment where no single entity, whether it is a business or individual, can control the narrative. In the past, the conversation was controlled by businesses who only shared their side of their story. It was seen as one-sided, biased and unrepresentative of all parties. CGMs have triggered a paradigm shift by putting the power back into the hands of the consumers, who provide different perspectives and first hand experiences. Just because the pendulum has swung, it does not mean that businesses should sit on the sidelines – it is time to join the game and help change the scorecard.

Despite our incredible technological advances in the past decade, especially with the advent of social media and improved Internet speeds, word of mouth is still the most persuasive and authentic form of marketing. Social media is essentially word of mouth marketing, on a much larger scale, in the digital age. On social media, people talk about how they feel, their emotions and their experiences. In essence, social media is not a new concept – we just now have the technological means to voice our experiences to a larger audience.

Word of mouth marketing is still the most valuable and persuasive form of marketing. Regardless of where technology goes, word of mouth marketing will always have a powerful influence on businesses. Social media are virtual places where real people share their experiences, organically and openly. People place a high level of trust into these social networks. Google and other search engine giants understand this – that is why they rank social platforms high on search results. In a nutshell, consumers trust each other and this translates into the top results on search engines.

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