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February 4, 2016 Posted by fidelityit In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every search engine operates differently and are independent of one another. They do not share their algorithms with one another and there is no collusion on this front. They take great pains and go to great lengths to guard their algorithms from outsiders. It is critical to know that just because keywords rank highly on one search engine, it does not mean they will on others. This is why when we strategize, deliver and optimize, we focus our energies on the biggest search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Based on what device you are using or where you are located, SERPs (search engine results pages) can differentiate greatly. With the explosion of mobile devices, search engines have responded and adjusted their algorithms to represent this massive shift in consumer behaviour. Algorithms are search engine formulas that turn your questions/search queries into answers. Google, Bing and Yahoo are always trying to improve their answering abilities. Search engines want to give you the most relevant and pertinent search results. That is why when you’re searching from your mobile, it will most likely produce much different results than when you’re using your desktop in your office. Different devices also can produce different results. Logged-in Android users, for example, will have personalized results that are tailored to their past searching patterns. Search engines are always getting smarter.

To break-through and stand-out on the Web, you need a creative-minded and technically-proficient team. We understand the evolving and changing factors of the SEO world. We will internalize and externalize your business objectives and ensure they are synchronous with search engines. We will form a comprehensive program that is tailor-made and meant to optimize your online presence in a targeted, calculated way. SEO is comprised of various expertise.

The Rank Squad is a Toronto-based search engine marketing company that keeps up-to-date with the latest technological and technical shifts of search engine optimization. In a constant state of flux, our SEO specialists constantly reevaluate strategies to convert in-market prospects and turn them to delighted customers. We start with a site-wide audit and introduce a comprehensive, strategic road-map that results in qualified traffic and incredible search-engine improvements (page 1 rankings).

◌ Start strategizing. We kick into full-gear with a site-wide audit that explores the nitty-gritty to examine challenges and opportunities, such as examining your website architecture/structure and start keyword research.
◌ Start synergizing. We deeply-examine all on-page elements and leave behind no loose ends and ensure they are running at optimal levels. We bring all your internal on-page SEO components up to par.
◌ Start outreaching. We comprehensively examine your current backlink profile, social media marketing and content marketing strategy. We aim to improve the authority and credibility by expanding reach across niche-specific networks and social channels. We build connections by driving credibility and qualified traffic.

Even global brands cannot afford to sit on the sidelines when it comes to search engine optimization. Many large organizations have bolstered their prospects and expanded into new markets by utilizing SEO for their web properties. Despite the obvious gaps that exist between large and small businesses in reality, SEO can become the great equalizer. Smaller businesses can make incredible leaps in the digital world by bolstering their online visibility by outsmarting and often outranking bigger companies. Rank improvement in strategic keywords in search engines will result in qualified referrals and leads. A strong online presence is ranking well on page 1 of Google and Bing, as most users do not venture beyond the first page. Many rightfully turn to SEO companies to help them get over the hurdle.

However, there are too many SEO agencies who do not take your special case into consideration and sell you pre-planned packages. They do not look to enrich your SEO campaign without strategic or creative planning. While others provide short-term boosts that give you minor improvements without any sustainable growths. The Rank Squad provides you with the right recipe for growth rates over the right time period that will generate qualified leads and organic traffic. We will set you apart from your competitors by enhancing your standing in the eyes of search engines through trust and authenticity.