Our SEO process.

February 4, 2016 Posted by fidelityit In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Discovery
We discover brand opportunities by combining business goals with search engine marketing. We gain insights by combing through your website with various audits. Discover mode beings after we form a partnership. We start understanding your branding information, opportunities and challenges. We drive an Internet-deep and site-wide auditing analysis to create baselines, which entails:
● SEO Audit – keyword research, on-page, off-page.
● Velocity Audit – website’s content creation, optimization, analysis.
● Technical Audit – website’s site architecture, structure, speed.
● Social Audit – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
● Competitors Audit – industry leaders, gap analysis.
● UX Audit – website’s visuals, layout, user experience, usability, navigation.

2. Strategize
Our inbound marketers will mine through current analytics, listen to social channels and analyze quantitative data to form our strategies. To roll out a successful SEO strategy, you must combine the arts and sciences of various disciplines – digital strategy, social media, content strategy and public relations. Formulating a strategy that is holistically centered around these disciplines will allow your business to take control of the entire digital lifecycle. The Rank Squad will gather critical information about the current state of your website’s performance. After the information is gathered, we develop strategies and execute – we use these baselines to create an innovative, technical and creative action plan. The strategies will focus on: outreach to influencers, optimizing the website’s code and creating a content marketing road map that will be published across multiple channels. The action plan will prioritize and define values, resources and timelines in both on-site and off-site platforms.

3. Optimize
With a cross-channel approach we extends beyond on-page and content ideation, by venturing off-page to strengthen backlinks and network profile. In the optimization stage, we start the implementation process using best-practices to improve rankings. After auditing, we make on-page and site-wide modifications. We go page by page and make the necessary technical backend changes, which includes: indexation, improving PageSpeed, meta descriptions, title tags, schema,, site architecture, navigation, breadcrumbs, robots.txt, sitemap and other necessary adjustments.
We then turn our attention to the creative and content side of things (the front-end). The front-end is optimized through: keyword placements, internal linking, content length, headings, relevant terms, social share buttons, alt-text multimedia and outbound links. We publish and submit content on multiple platforms and ensure that is aligned with the overall SEO goals.

We setup analytics and tracking tools that help us gather, sort and process relevant information. This helps us establish points of references to track vital metrics over time to assess efficacy of the campaigns. We monitor and measure SEO performance and evaluate the progress by investigating various sets of information in comparison with industry trends.

4. Reporting
We create tailored reports which will showcase user segments and performance progress of the marketing campaign. We will focus on the conversion rates.

We analyze KPIs, individual keyword performance progress and keep refining tactics to improve rankings. In this phase, there is a test and measure process where vital data will be combed through to help guide the future course of action to improve rankings. The end goal of any SEO campaign is to always rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo for valuable keywords and improve conversion rates. The reporting mechanism we have in place will emphasize improvements and what the next course of actions should be – our recommendations are always supported by data.

Despite widespread claims by some SEO agencies, a first page ranking can never be guaranteed – SEO specialists are working in an environment where a lot of information is not disclosed by search engines. We can only guarantee that we will make every effort to make calculated and smart decisions that will improve your SEO campaign. The Rank Squad has an impressive track record of making the right decisions for their clients through various techniques that add value to their search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.