The different types of traditional and print marketing.

April 24, 2017 Posted by fidelityit In Creative Agency

While companies have shifted more towards digital marketing, the importance of traditional marketing still remains. We produce and manage marketing materials, such as print media, which is still widely effective in kick-starting creative campaigns. We combine traditional and digital marketing strategies to connect with new prospects and make inroads with emerging markets.

Flyers are used to inform consumers by combining information and graphical elements to persuade your audience with a call-to-action. This is usually used for a one-time event such as sale or promotion. You can deliver a clear, simplified message and spice it up with eye-catching visuals. Flyers can guide your audience by providing specific information to help them take the next step.

Business Cards
Business cards are a vital part of any meeting. At the end or beginning of a face-to-face meeting, business cards should be exchanged. This is a transaction that will never go out of style. A business card will be the first impression someone has about your company. Business cards provide a glimpse into your company and is a starting point of contact that can potentially result in a long term business relationship.

Brochures are an integral component of any print marketing campaign. They are short and succinct, which is a great opportunity to give user’s the right information about your services. Brochures allow customers to access information easily by allowing you to communicate only the most important points. We will design brochures that are visually appealing as well as informative. The information will be structured so that it is easy to navigate. We help build clean and modern brochures that help you get the right information across to the end user.

The age of the internet has empowered today’s customers, by providing them with unlimited options, especially when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with. It is important to outline why they should choose your company – a proposal is the best way to win them over. A beautifully designed proposal – where all of the information, pricing and solutions are laid out – is the final step in winning their signature. It is the final and best chance to make a strong impression. A proposal should communicate that you are the best option.

Invoices are often overlooked but are very important. A well-designed invoice should be clear, easily navigable and transmits an aura of professionalism. It is important when clients are paying you, they feel like satisfied about the overall experience. A professional invoice is the icing on the cake and is the last memory they have of your business so you want to make them a lasting impression.

Logo Design
Logos are on the frontline of your company’s overall brand identity. They are visually the focal point by by which consumers gain insights about your brand. The use of the right colours, typefaces and styling can establish your branding message. Logos, in a nutshell, provide essential information about your company. It is imperative to have a distinct and memorable logo, which transmits and sends the right signals to prospects to invest in your brand.