The stages of content marketing.

April 24, 2017 Posted by fidelityit In Content Marketing

Content Audit
We analyze your content with your goals and readers in mind. Our content strategists and information architects will qualitatively assess your content to ensure it communicates key messages and is easy to understand.
◍ Identify and close loopholes in your story and unify your message to deliver consistency and authenticity.
◍ Tone is specific to your core audience i.e. consumer-facing content should be straight-forward and technical content should convey expertise.
◍ Delivering to the right audience on the right platform and using the right brand voice at the right time.

Content Creation
Going beyond captivating copy-writing and periodic publishing, we re-purpose content around strategies that help inform, entertain and convert prospects. We help build online reputation, create brand loyalty and generate leads.
◍ A rich content mix that focuses on solving problems for customers with journey-based marketing in mind.
◍ Create online loyalty by creating a fresh stream of content that is purposeful and focused on problem solving.
◍ Differentiate your brand that will make you an industry leader through innovative content pieces and increasing social shares.

Content Strategy
There is a lot of digital noise and informational clutter on the Internet – we organize and simplify your content. We identify your business goals and have content marketing serve these specific objectives while enhancing the user experience.
◍ We heighten your reach and reputation by focusing on content that solves problems and drives leads through your entire content lifecycle.
◍ We plan an editorial calendar where content is published on a periodic basis to the right audience at the right time.
◍ We organize digital content with a taxonomy-based approach to filter and manage digital assets.


At the cornerstone of sound content marketing is a comprehensive content audit – we will locate and collect your content assets. Our team will perform a qualitative analysis of your digital content that will uncover the gaps that currently exist in your storyline. We fix what is broken and will not try to recreate the wheel. We help create and manage your content through the entire content life cycle by delivering creative content at the right time to the right audience in the right voice.
● We create a content inventory by collecting and recording all of your existing content in a database. We use this data, not only as a point of reference, but as a way to compile your assets and build on them.
● We start chiseling and refining your existing content to make it fresh and reassess the authenticity and truthfulness of it vis-à-vis the current state of your business.
● We ask important questions like is the pitch of your content being expressed in the right tone. We make sure that it is.
● We look at the navigational structure of your content to see if it is correctly organized. We find the missing pieces and bring your fragmented content together and make it whole.
● We cut out the content repetition and redundancies and keep the user engaged by providing new value-added information.
● We make sure that your content is search engine-ready by ensuring that the titling, coding and meta-tagging are optimal.

When it comes to powerful and purposeful content, there are a lot of different components. Content creation goes beyond just digital publishing in a periodic manner, such as blog postings. Content needs to be purposed around your strategies and objectives. We repurpose your content and distribute your content assets across digital and diverse channels that will unify your branding message. It is better to have your content assets travelling down the same road and in one voice. We take your information flow and ensure that it is synced with customer expectations.
● We combine search engine optimization, inbound marketing and behavioural analysis to deliver high-impact strategies.
● We are passionate about content – we offer and deliver content in an exciting and focused manner that keeps your readers engaged.
● We eliminate unnecessary content – we do not write content to try to meet quotas. We create content marketing to engage the reader and meet them at different points along their buyer’s journey.
● We create remarkable and dedicated copy-writing services that will draw your audience in. We constantly communicate with them and prompt a two-way conversation, while keeping your objectives in mind.
● We create diversified content streams like emails, promotional materials, articles, blogging, press releases, videos, newsletters and white papers.

We make sure that you are meeting your customer at important checkpoints across their journey. If you fail to deliver at important stages of the buyer’s journey, you can miss out on important opportunities to convert them into customers. Most content is just digital noise – we offer different types of content and strategize around them. We inform your audience to specific information about our product, about your competitive advantages and what distinguishes you from the competition. We help give each line of copy a purpose.
● We assess and analyze the current content assets being used. We then reassess the information flow on the publishing channels that you are currently leveraging to tell your brand’s story.
● We create and re-purpose your content assets to serve your audience throughout their journey.
● We transmit your stories across paid and unpaid media channels (i.e. Google Adwords, Social Media). Through an open and transparent dialogue, we build authority by encouraging and promoting engagement and help build an online community.

In order to extend your content and make an impact on diverse digital platforms, from social media channels to on-page sources, you need content governance. Content governance is a set of guidelines that determines the when, where, why and how of content publishing and creating. Content governance is a broad strategy that intends for you to share the value of your branding information through content engagement. The Rank Squad helps you allocate your resources to yield the highest value for your prospects and customers. Before a single pixel is shown or a word is published, it must fit within a content governance framework. A content governance program is a precondition for successful content marketing. We will help govern your content in three ways:
● We will help you reach out and get direct access to your audience through social media.
● We will diversify your content portfolio by increasing consumer engagement. We will have an open door policy that will allow different members of your organization to contribute their expertise and add their voice to the content stream – this will diversify your content make-up.
● We will introduce broad, across-the-spectrum questions like “why is this content relevant and important?” Behind every published post, we will make sure that it is purposeful and fits into your content ecosystem.