What are white hat SEO techniques?

April 24, 2017 Posted by fidelityit In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have revolutionized the way businesses think. Ranking high in search engines for competitive keywords can change the fortune of a business. A high ranking brings a steady stream of qualified leads and raw traffic. If your business ranks first in a search query, it’s a game changer – your business has secured over one-third of user clicks. This is because as consumers and information seekers, we put a lot of trust in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to help us find what we are looking for. Search engines have an authoritative role in our lives and we are constantly turning to them to get the right information. This paradigm shift in our behaviour represents the growing dependency we have on search engines. It has replaced word-of-mouth as the most persuasive form of marketing. We only use white hat SEO techniques, Google-approved strategies.

Rank improvement in strategic keywords in search engines will result in qualified leads. Ranking high on page 1 of a search engine, results in a strong online presence, as most users do not venture and click beyond the first page. Many businesses rightfully turn to SEO companies to help them get over this hurdle. However, there are too many SEO agencies who do not take your specific business profile into consideration and sell you pre-planned packages. They do not look to enrich your SEO campaign without strategic or creative planning. While others provide short-term boosts that give you minor improvements without any sustainable growth. In order to give you a fast turnaround, they often turn to black-hat tactics that result in penalties from search engines, like Google. This can have serious consequences which can oftentimes leads to being fully blacklisted by the search engines. The Rank Squad provides you with the right recipe for growth rates over the right time period that will generate qualified leads and organic traffic. We will set you apart from your competitors by using white-hat strategies that result in organic and natural growth which will eventually lead to rank domination.

The content and code are the most accessible aspect of your website. As they are solely controlled by you, it is critical that your on-page factors are optimal. There are several on-page factors that need to be perfectly executed – from ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly (developmental-side) to making sure that relevant keywords are used (content-side).
◍ Content is not self promotional and adds value for the end-user.
◍ The UX from page layout, navigational ease and page-loading times need to be optimal.
◍ Primary, secondary and relevant keywords in the body of the content should be well-distributed.
◍ The high quality nature of content makes it shareworthy. One-click social media shares need to be embedded.
◍ The webpages should be easily readable by Google, Bing and Yahoo crawlers and XML sitemaps will ensure crawlability. XML sitemaps will also ensure that all of the pages and posts are readily found by search engine crawlers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo recognize that publisher-controlled signals, which represent the on-page component, fails to give the whole picture. What others say about your brand, outside the confines of your website, is very important to the search engines. Off-page SEO is about building your online reputation and credibility by having trustworthy websites validate your business by referencing and referring you to their users.
◍ We will provide an innovative and creative off-page SEO strategy that is holistic and aims to increase brand awareness through diversified off-page channels.
◍ Not all links are created equal. We build backlink equity from trustworthy sources by tapping into our networks to bring a stream of natural and fresh backlinks from credible sources.
◍ We will unify social media and content marketing under one umbrella and have them reinforce each other to spread the word about your business and secure your status as an industry leader.

Content is the bridge that connects on-page and off-page SEO and is the fuel that drives both profiles. Content is the best currency to build inbound links, website credibility and social media influence, all of which are critical off-page elements. Since content is controllable, it plays the biggest role in optimizing on-page factors and must be perfectly executed and structured.
◍ Link-worthy content will receive a stream of backlinks from industry insiders.
◍ More links will be pointed at your website from credible sources resulting in skyrocketing domain authority (DA).
◍ We will help produce shareworthy and rich content, which will result in more social media shares.
◍ We will gear our content strategy around sending signals to Google on which keywords to rank for.
◍ Content will be used to internally to link one page to another and build your internal link profile.
◍ We will ensure that your website has quality and useful content, which will keep users on your site and lower your bounce rate.

Rank improvement in strategic keywords in search engines will result in qualified leads.