What is content marketing?

April 24, 2017 Posted by fidelityit In Content Marketing

Content is the currency of the Internet. Content serves three functions for your audience: it informs them, it entertains them and provides them with an opportunity. These are all very important reasons why content is the single most important feature of your inbound marketing strategy. It advocates on your behalf and has the ability to persuade prospects and customers alike through a unified, simple message.

Before you are able to win over and create brand evangelists, we become your biggest advocates and share our enthusiasm about your brand through creative content marketing. Our content stylists craft a true, honest narrative about your brand. We create a desired, authentic brand identity that will differentiate you from others and give customers a native experience that is true to who you are.

Content marketing, at its core, is an effective outreach campaign. Content marketing is the means by which you introduce your brand to your intended audience and accelerates lead flow. An effective campaign is when you are able to tell your story. Your story should convey your mission and vision in a way that connects with your audience. We will diversify your lead generation through simple and authentic storytelling that leaves a memorable impression. Good stories stir up emotions and result in meaningful connections. With fine-tune and hone your story, and deliver it to the world.

We build trust between you and your audience to let them know you understand their challenges and have the right solutions. We help raise awareness about your brand and increase web presence. The Rank Squad builds new levels of brand advocacy through content marketing. We create and deliver a marketing road map that is interactive and has engaging content at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

We simplify your marketing message and streamline your content to give a clear, concise image of who you are and where you’re headed. We aim to close the gap between art and science, reason and emotions and help you build a direct bridge to your target audience. The Rank Squad provides your users a native experience. Through integrated content marketing services, our creative thinkers and makers will help cut through the digital noise and help you stand out.

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a marketing strategy where you create and distribute high-value and engaging content that will help convert prospects into paying customers.

The Content Marketing Process

We perform a qualitative analysis of your content that will uncover the gaps that exist in your story. We see what’s missing and complete your story.

In addition to publishing fresh content, we also repurpose your content. We distribute digital assets across diverse channels that will unify your branding message.

We deliver the right content at the right time. We ensure that you are meeting your customer at important checkpoints across their journey.

Content governance is a set of guidelines that determines the when, where, why and how of content publishing and creation. We make sure that these guidelines are achieved at every stage.

We create, manage and safeguard content

At The Rank Squad, we help create a sound content marketing strategy that will not only draw in your target audience but is designed for search engines. At the core, we are not only here to meet benchmarks – we want your brand to benefit the end user, by creating a long-term and meaningful relationship.

Our marketing team will help you throughout the entire content marketing spectrum – from branded content, strategic narratives and eye catching visuals. We build a smart road map that emphasizes interactive storytelling and gives life to your cornerstone content. With our team of marketers and graphic designers, our content marketing services will help you achieve the following goals:

◌ We leverage content marketing to promote your brand image and build your online presence.
◌ We use content marketing to increase your visibility in search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) and give your audience what they want at different stages of the buyer’s journey.
◌ We use content to transform visitors into brand evangelists, who are passionate about what you do and help spread the word about your company.